Haris P. Lamaris & Associates
Geotechnical Consulting Engineers


The services offered involve a variety of specialised works such as:

Ø      Planning and Execution of Geotechnical Site Investigation with sample drillings, cone penetrations tests, shear vane tests, permeability tests, seismic and pressuremetric tests.

Ø      Rehabilitation of rock falls, landslides.

Ø      Design of Deep Foundations and Deep Excavations, underpinning (piles, micropiles, stone columns), temporary and permanent pre-stressed ground anchors, soil-nailing, rock-nailing and jet grouting.

Ø      Design of road embankments, slopes, cut & covers, tunnels, dams and marine works.

Ø      Seismic Tests with seismic piezocone and report of seismic analysis.

Ø      Studies of environmental assessment and contaminated ground remediation.

Ø      Monitoring of Deep Excavations behaviour with privately owned electronic equipment. Re-engineering of Deep Excavations using data collected by especially designed Monitoring Methods.

Ø      Design by Testing, for foundation design and constructions such as Deep Excavations, Photovoltaic Parks, Antennae of cells phones, Piled Foundations e.tc.

Ø      Supervision, Monitoring and Management of every kind of Geotechnical  Engineering Projects.

Ø      Pile Integrity Testing (Transient Dynamic Response), Static and Dynamic Pile Load Tests.

Ø      Quality Control of constructions